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The missing independent blog system for Ruby on Rails

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The missing open source blog system on Ruby on Rails.

WBlog is open source blog which built for mobile first, it's licenced on MIT, use it for free!

New: WBlog is using Ruby on Rails 5.2 now.



  • Modern clean reading feelings
  • Markdown support, give nice formatted articles
  • Mobile first, responsive page for iPhone, iPad, iMac.
  • Independent comment system, subscribe system, picture manage system

A demo came from my English blog: http://en.yafeilee.me

Another demo using my blog: http://yafeilee.me

Power Admin Dashboard: http://en.yafeilee.me/admin, user and password are configurable.

Some screenshots

System dependencies

  • Ruby ( = 2.3.1 )
  • Postgresql ( >= 9.x )
  • Nginx ( >= 1.4 )


  • Responsive, iPhone, iPad, Notebook, PC, all are supported
  • QR Code, Like button make your article easily sharing with your friends
  • Inpendent comment system, subscribe system, that all belong to you
  • Markdown supported, code highlight, especially for programmer, like you
  • Personalize it, commercialize it, it all depends on you


Make it to the best Ruby on Rails Blog system in the world.

Running in development mode

WBlog MUST run in Linux or OSX. I assume you are using OS X 10.

You can run it like a Ruby on Rails project as usual:

  1. Check dependencies
  ruby -v
  # 2.3.1
  postgres  --version
  # 9.x.x
  1. Clone it

git clone [email protected]:windy/wblog.git

cd wblog
  1. Install dependencies & configure
  gem install bundler
  bundle install
  cp config/application.yml.example config/application.yml
  cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml


's content as you need
  1. Start it
  rails s

Open browser with


If there is any error found, please check your database's user and password.

  1. Post the first blog

visit: http://localhost:3000/admin, input your username and password configurated in

. then, post a new article.

OK, That's all.


WBlog uses

as automation deployment tool, uses
as the Rack container.

WBlog recommends

as reverse proxy server.

It will be very fast.

Ruby on Rails project deployment is another topic, I would NOT talk it here.

You can read WBlog wiki for more information: WBlog 的发布流程(Chinese only now)


  • Ruby on Rails 5.2.0
  • Ruby 2.3.1
  • Turbolinks 5 / SJR
  • Foundation 6
  • mina
  • slim
  • puma
  • Postgresql

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Home Page:

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Home Page for mobile:

screenshot home small

Home Page Hover Status for mobile:

screenshot home hover

Blog Show Page:

screenshot post

Blog Show Page Hover Status:

screenshot post hover

Admin Login Page:

screenshot admin

Admin Dashboard Page:

screenshot admin

Admin New Blog Page:

screenshot admin

Admin Blogs Manage Page:

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