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A collection of data-rich UI components 📈

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Repo freeze 🥶

As of Feb 2020 this repo is currently being deprecated and is feature frozen. See #201 for more details.


A collection of custom + wrapped components for data-rich (desktop) UIs. Super beta :baby:


demo at :chartwithupwards_trend:


| Package | Version | |--|--| | @data-ui/xy-chart | Version | | @data-ui/histogram | Version | | @data-ui/sparkline | Version | | @data-ui/network | Version | | @data-ui/radial-chart | Version | | @data-ui/event-flow | Version | | @data-ui/data-table | Version | | @data-ui/theme | Version | | @data-ui/demo | -- |

More coming.

Live Playground

For examples of the components in action, go to


To run that demo on your own computer: ```sh git clone && cd data-ui

instal root dependencies including lerna

npm install

bootstrap (symlink inter-dependencies) all packages

lerna bootstrap

alternatively install just the demo package

cd packages/demo

npm install

go to the demo package and start storybook

cd packages/demo npm run dev

visit http://localhost:9001/

## Development
[lerna]( is used to manage versions and dependencies between
packages in this repo.

data-ui/ lerna.json package.json packages/ package1/ src/ test/ build/ package.json ... ... ```

For easiest development, clone this repo, install the root npm modules including lerna, then have lerna install package dependencies and manage the symlinking between packages for you

git clone && cd data-ui
npm install
lerna bootstrap

Enzyme and jest are used for testing. Each package defines its own tests, which you can run from within a

directory using
cd packages/my-package
npm run test

for a single test or subset of tests run

npm run test -t regex

To run all tests in all packages run

lerna run test
from the root @data-ui directory.



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