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Library with search algorithms for task and path planning for multi robot/agent systems

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libMultiRobotPlanning is a library with search algorithms primarily for task and path planning for multi robot/agent systems. It is written in C++(14), highly templated for good performance, and comes with useful examples.

The following algorithms are currently supported:

  • Single-Robot Algorithms

    • A*
    • A* epsilon (also known as focal search)
    • SIPP (Safe Interval Path Planning)
  • Multi-Robot Algorithms

    • Conflict-Based Search (CBS)
    • Enhanced Conflict-Based Search (ECBS)
    • Conflict-Based Search with Optimal Task Assignment (CBS-TA)
    • Enhanced Conflict-Based Search with Optimal Task Assignment (ECBS-TA)
    • Prioritized Planning using SIPP (example code for SIPP)
  • Assignment Algorithms

    • Minimum sum-of-cost (flow-based; integer costs; any number of agents/tasks)
    • Best Next Assignment (series of optimal solutions)


Tested on Ubuntu 16.04.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..


  • make
    : Build examples, only
  • make docs
    : build doxygen documentation
  • make clang-format
    : Re-format all source files
  • make clang-tidy
    : Run linter & static code analyzer
  • make run-test
    : Run unit-tests

Run specific tests

python3 ../test/ TestNextBestAssignment.test_1by2

Run example instances


./ecbs -i ../benchmark/32x32_obst204/map_32by32_obst204_agents10_ex1.yaml -o output.yaml -w 1.3
python3 ../example/ ../benchmark/32x32_obst204/map_32by32_obst204_agents10_ex1.yaml output.yaml

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