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video-input field to make video recording easy via client-side JS

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videoinput.js: client-side video input field with POST submissions

Video inputs can be a pain. This JS file creates a new HTML element that enables you to record video inputs and POST them directly to a URL. It is meant to act as a simple form-like interface for recording and submitting videos.

Currently this works on Firefox and Chrome. It does not require jQuery.

See a demo here.

Sample Code

This is meant to be as simple as possible. Below is a sample video input:

This will create a video input field 640px wide and 480px high, with the label "Please record your answer" above the video input. The field will enable you record for 3 seconds, and clicking "submit" will send the video to /r/upload.

Supported Attributes

Required fields are below: * id: the id of the element. Also used to name files and reference buttons within the field. * label: the instructions above or below the video input field. * action: the URL where the post request will be sent.

Optional fields are below: * vidwidth: video width in pixels * vidheight: video height in pixels * labelloc: the location of the label field. Use "top" or "bottom" to position the label. * maxtime: the maximum length of the recording in seconds.


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