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A key-value store API with implementations for different backends.

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Webmozart Key-Value-Store

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Latest release: 1.0.0

A key-value store API with implementations for different backends.

API Documentation

All contained key-value stores implement the interface

. The following stores are currently supported:

The interface

is supported by the following classes:

The interface

is supported by the following classes:

The decorator

exists for caching another store instance in a Doctrine cache.


Why not use Doctrine Cache?

Caching is not key-value storage. When you use a cache, you accept that keys may disappear for various reasons:

  • Keys may expire.
  • Keys may be overwritten when the cache is full.
  • Keys may be lost after shutdowns.
  • ...

In another word, caches are volatile. This is not a problem, since the cached data is usually stored safely somewhere else. The point of a cache is to provide high-performance access to frequently needed data.

Key-value stores, on the other hand, are persistent. When you write a key to a key-value store, you expect it to be there until you delete it. It would be a disaster if data would silently disappear from a key-value store (or any other kind of database).

Hence the two libraries fulfill two very different purposes, even if their interfaces and implementations are often similar.


actually uses a Doctrine Cache object to cache the data of a persistent



Use Composer to install the package:

$ composer require webmozart/key-value-store


Contributions to the package are always welcome!


If you are having problems, send a mail to [email protected] or shout out to @webmozart on Twitter.


All contents of this package are licensed under the MIT license.

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