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A WebSocket client for building WeChat Mini Program implement by socket.io

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A WebSocket client for building WeChat Mini Program implement by socket.io


Full feature socket.io style implemented, based-on

[email protected]
version, such as: - send message queue - auto reconnect - ping, pong - room, namespaces


Official Framework , Wepy Framework


If you use a third-party framework such as wepy, you should install via

$ npm install weapp.socket.io

Or if you use the native way to write code,I recommend using

git clone
$ git clone https://github.com/10cella/weapp.socket.io

development mode

$ npm run build-dev

production mode

$ npm run build

$ cp path/weapp.socket.io/dist/weapp.socket.io.js path/your_weapp_dir


code style is same to socket.io-client

const io = require('./yout_path/weapp.socket.io.js')

const socket = io('https://socket-io-chat.now.sh')

socket.on('connect', () => { console.log('connection created.') });

socket.on('new message', d => { const { username, message } = d; console.log('received: ', username, message) });

socket.emit('add user', "Jack");


See socket.io-client API


  • AliPay Mini Program
  • Lark(飞书) Mini Promram


如果你的项目正在使用 weapp.socket.io 欢迎留下你的项目信息(名称,Logo,官网等)

可以在 这个 Issue 提交您的项目信息

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