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A streaming compression / gzip library for node.js

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A streaming compression / gzip module for node.js

To install, ensure that you have libz installed, and run:

node-waf configure node-waf build

This will put the compress.node binary module in build/default.

Quick example

var compress=require("./compress"); var sys=require("sys"); var posix=require("posix");

// Create gzip stream var gzip=new compress.Gzip; gzip.init();

// Pump data to be compressed var gzdata1 = gzip.deflate("My data that needs ", "binary"); sys.puts("Compressed size : "+gzdata1.length);

var gzdata2 = gzip.deflate("to be compressed. 01234567890.", "binary"); sys.puts("Compressed size : "+gzdata2.length);

var gzdata3 = gzip.end(); sys.puts("Last bit : "+gzdata3.length);

// Normally stream this out as its generated, but just print here var gzdata = gzdata1+gzdata2+gzdata3; sys.puts("Total compressed size : "+gzdata.length);

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