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Garmin Connect IQ watch face

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A Garmin Connect IQ watch face.


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FAQs, including how to change watch face settings:

A crystal clear watch face, with LCD-like goal meter segments, written while snow crystals were falling during an unusually cold spell of weather here in England.

Features (depending on watch support): - Big time digits right in the middle, with hours in bold. Leading zero and seconds can be hidden. Hours and minutes colours can be set independently. - Up to 3 customisable data fields: HR (historical/live), battery, notifications, calories, distance, alarms, altitude, thermometer, sunrise/sunset, weather (OpenWeatherMap). - Up to 3 customisable indicators: Bluetooth, alarms, notifications, Bluetooth/notifications, battery. - 2 customisable meters: steps, floors climbed, active minutes (weekly), battery, calories (custom goal). The meters have auto-scaling segments and current/target value display. - Move bar. - 12 colour themes.

The techie bit: to save your watch battery, the goal meters and move bar are drawn from a palette-restricted back buffer, for improved drawing performance, with minimal memory penalty.

This is my first ever Connect IQ watch face (please be kind!), so I look forward to your feedback, improving the watch face, and bringing it to more devices.

Reviews: - Video review in Spanish, by Sergio:

What's New


  • Add support for Venu® 2 and Venu® 2S (thanks to fallingrock for testing help). Thank you for your patience!
  • Technical update to CIQ 4.0.3.


  • Improve German translation (thanks to 2b2bff).
  • Translate Dutch settings (thanks to DRG-developer).
  • Allow override of built-in OpenWeatherMap key, in case that key is blocked.
  • Technical update to CIQ 3.2.5 SDK.


  • Cycle OpenWeatherMap key to circumvent key abuse that led to blocked account.


  • Add support for Korean language (thanks to nanbean).
  • 2nd attempt at settings-related crash fix.


  • Add support for Approach® S62, D2 Air, Descent™ Mk2, Garmin Swim™ 2, Rey™, MARQ® Golfer, Venu® Mercedes-Benz Collection, Venu® Sq, Venu® Sq – Music Edition.
  • Fix several settings-related crashes.
  • Update Russian translation (thanks to ya_kazachkov).
  • Correct German translation (thanks to axcro7).
  • Technical update to CIQ 3.2.2 SDK.


  • Putative fix for Venu™ crash on 2.80 firmware.


  • 2nd attempt at fēnix® 5X crash. Bug in 15.10 firmware (requiresBurnInProtection incorrectly set to true) identified with invaluable help from jeriveraf.


  • Putative fix for fēnix® 5X series crash. Thank you everyone for your patience.


  • Add support for Venu™, with new always-on layout.
  • Add support for MARQ™ Adventurer and Commander.
  • Technical update to CIQ 3.1.5 SDK.


  • Add bespoke fonts and layout for fēnix® 6X.
  • Improve readability of small font for all watches.


  • Technical update to CIQ 3.1.4 SDK. Add support for fēnix® 6 series (except fēnix® 6X), Captain Marvel, First Avenger and vívoactive® 4 series.


  • Add support for Forerunner® 45.


  • Fix crash when changing numeric settings (e.g. "Calories Goal") using Connect IQ Store app.


  • New Meter Style options, and new Meter Digits Style setting.
  • Fix issue when setting field or indicator count to 0.
  • Fix display of weather icon on Forerunner® 735XT.
  • Fix German translation typo.
  • Technical update to CIQ 3.0.11 SDK. Add support for Forerunner® 245/245 Music/945 and vívolife.


  • Fix issues with weather and humidity not updating.
  • Technical update to CIQ 3.0.10 SDK. Add support for MARQ™ series and vívoactive® 3 Mercedes-Benz.


  • Putative fix for intermittent storage-related crashes on fēnix® 5 series, vívoactive® 3 series and Approach® S60.
  • Update Swedish translation (thanks to fredrikaverpil).
  • Technical update to CIQ 3.0.9 SDK. Add support for vívoactive® 3 Music LTE.


  • Increase time font size and revise layouts for all watches.
  • Single line time for vívoactive® HR.


  • Add "Humidity" data field (uses OpenWeatherMap). Many thanks to jrmcsoftware for implementing this.
  • Technical update to CIQ 3.0.8 SDK.


  • "Pressure" data field should use historical data, to respect manual pressure calibration on fēnix® 5 watches (thanks to Allalin72 for help with this).


  • Fix issue with move bar not clearing in "Show Filled Segments" mode (thanks to BrettL for reproduction steps).
  • Add "Corn Yellow (Dark)" and "Dayglo Orange (Light)" themes.
  • Add "Pressure" data field.
  • Technical update to CIQ 3.0.7 SDK.


  • Remove need to enter OpenWeatherMap key.
  • Technical update to CIQ 3.0.6 SDK.


  • Fix issue with stuck "key!" if weather key is used before it has been activated.


  • Fix intermittent crash after receiving weather data.


  • Add "Weather" data field: CIQ 2.x devices only, requires free OpenWeatherMap API key (


  • Add "Sunrise/Sunset" data field.
  • Read altitude from more up-to-date source, and enable for all watches.
  • Add Croatian date translation (thanks to Kristijan).
  • Russian translation updates, and string fixes (thanks to xgsa).
  • German translation for settings screen (thanks to dragonito).
  • Technical update to CIQ 3.0.4 SDK.


  • Fix crash when changing settings.


  • Russian translation for watch face and settings screen (thanks to xgsa).
  • Display of additional time zone: specify city in settings (CIQ 2.x devices only, in beta). See FAQ.
  • Re-enable support for Approach® S60.
  • Technical update to CIQ 3.0.3 SDK.


  • Added "Heart Rate (Live 5s)" data field.
  • Read HR from more up-to-date source.
  • Improved clarity of battery indicator.
  • "Hide Hours Leading Zero" now setting applies to both 12- and 24-hour modes.
  • Technical update to CIQ 2.4.9 SDK, to add support for D2™ Delta, D2™ Delta PX, D2™ Delta S.


  • Added setting to control number of data fields (0-3).
  • Added setting to control number of indicators (0-3): Bluetooth, alarms, notifications, bluetooth/notifications.
  • Improved memory efficiency.
  • Layout adjustments.
  • Technical update to CIQ 2.4.8 SDK.


  • Polish translation for settings screen (thanks to Flugcojt).
  • Swedish translation for settings screen (thanks to hasselrot).


  • Update to CIQ 2.4.7 SDK, to add support for fēnix® 5 Plus, fēnix® 5S Plus, fēnix® 5X Plus, vívoactive® 3 Music.
  • Fixed issue with "ft" altitude units displaying incorrectly (thanks to Matt Reiser).


  • Altitude units now obey statue/metric setting (thanks to Rick Gorham).
  • Added "Battery (Hide Percentage)" data field (thanks to Paolo Avezzano).
  • Corrected number of move bar segments to 5 (thanks to Viorel).
  • Technical update to CIQ 2.4.6 SDK.


  • Re-enabled Forerunner® 920XT, following non-anti-aliased custom font workaround provided by Coleman at Garmin.
  • Corrected French translation (thanks to Ju Neusch).


  • Added temperature data field option.
  • Added vivid yellow dark theme.
  • Added meter style setting.
  • Added move bar style setting.
  • Corrected German translations (thanks to Christoph Heymann for help with this).
  • Temporarily removed support for Approach® S60 and Forerunner® 920XT, pending fixes from Garmin - many thanks for your patience.
  • Technical update to CIQ 2.4.5 SDK.


  • Added barometric altitude for supported CIQ 2.x devices.
  • Show midnight as "12" instead of "00" in 12-hour mode.
  • Fixed incorrect default settings for vívoactive®.


  • Added blue, red and green light themes.
  • Allow colour of hours and minutes to be overridden independently.
  • Allow hiding of hours leading zero in 12 hr mode.
  • Prevent overlapping goal numbers on semi-round watches (thanks to G_stijn for reporting this).


  • Fix crash if floors or active minutes goal is set to 0: show disabled meter instead.


  • Technical update to CIQ 2.4.4 SDK.


  • Added alarms data field option.
  • Rollout to CIQ 1.x devices, part 2: Forerunner® 230, Forerunner® 235, Forerunner® 630, Forerunner® 920XT, vívoactive®.


  • Rollout to CIQ 1.x devices, part 1: D2™ Bravo, D2™ Bravo Titanium, fēnix® 3, fēnix® 3 HR.


  • Meters can now show a custom calories goal, specified in settings.
  • Fixed issue with wrong strings or crash when changing settings via Garmin Express in non-English locales (thanks to Ezio Pillan for reporting this bug).
  • Added app version to settings page.


  • Allow hiding of seconds.


  • Reduce battery drain, part 2: optimise per-minute updates (cache drawable references).
  • Allow meters to display battery level.


  • Reduce battery drain, part 1: reduce per-second update time from ~13ms to ~5ms (measured on Approach® S60, simulator).
  • Added Red (Dark) and Mono (Dark) themes.
  • Added support for vívoactive® HR.


  • Added support for fēnix® 5S, fēnix® Chronos, Forerunner® 735XT.
  • Added Dayglo Orange theme.


  • Fixed issue with distance value being too low (thanks to catana.remulus for reporting and assisting with this bug).


  • Added support for Approach® S60, D2™ Charlie, Descent™ Mk1, Forerunner® 645, Forerunner® 645 Music, Forerunner® 935, fēnix® 5, fēnix® 5X.
  • Added Cornflower Blue and Lemon Cream themes for better visibility.

N.B. Due to a vívoactive® 3 firmware bug, this watch face will be stuck on the language that was active at the time of the 3.30-3.40 firmware upgrade. Hopefully Garmin will fix this in a future firmware.


  • Internationalisation: added support for Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish.
  • Force language to English for unsupported locales, to prevent garbled characters.
  • Fixed issue with battery meter not showing low/critical warning colours soon enough.


  • Fixed issue with showing noon as AM, rather than PM (with thanks to JACalvo for reporting this bug).
  • Fixed issue with move bar not updating correctly.


  • Initial public release for vívoactive® 3 only.


Icons: - "Distance" icon by Becris from the Noun Project. - "Fire" icon by Jenny Amer from the Noun Project. - "Steps" icon by Eugen Belyakoff from the Noun Project. - "Upstairs" icon by Arthur Shlain from the Noun Project. - "Stopwatch" icon by Rohith M S from the Noun Project. - "Mountains" icon by Deemak Daksina from the Noun Project. - "Humidity" icon by Akriti Bhusal from the Noun Project.

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