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The dream fast hash function and random number generators that passed SMHasher, BigCrush and practra...

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No hash function is perfect, but some are useful.

wyhash and wyrand are the ideal 64-bit hash function and PRNG respectively:

solid: wyhash passed SMHasher, wyrand passed BigCrush, practrand.

portable: 64-bit/32-bit system, big/little endian.

fastest: Efficient on 64-bit machines, especially for short keys.

simplest: In the sense of code size.

g++-9 benchmark.cpp t1ha/src/t1ha2.c -o benchmark -Ofast -s -Wall -march=native


|hash function |short hash/us |bulk256B GB/s |bulk64KB GB/s | |---- |---- |---- |---- | |wyhash:safety=0|444.31 |18.86 |24.35 | |wyhash:safety=1|195.42 |17.97 |23.44 | |wyhash:safety=2|181.56 |14.33 |15.97 | |xxh3:avx2 |147.33 |9.73 |45.39 | |xxh3:sse2 |154.30 |11.53 |27.15 | |xxh3:scalar |153.61 |8.49 |13.05 | |xxHash64 |83.10 |10.89 |14.72 | |t1ha2_atonce |115.12 |12.96 |17.64 |

wyhash is the default hasher for a hash table of the great Zig and V language.

C# https://github.com/cocowalla/wyhash-dotnet

C++ https://github.com/tommyettinger/waterhash

GO https://github.com/dgryski/go-wyhash

GO https://github.com/orisano/wyhash

GO https://github.com/littleli/go-wyhash16

GO https://github.com/zeebo/wyhash

GO https://github.com/lonewolf3739/wyhash-go

Java https://github.com/OpenHFT/Zero-Allocation-Hashing

Rust https://github.com/eldruin/wyhash-rs

Swift https://github.com/lemire/SwiftWyhash

Swift https://github.com/lemire/SwiftWyhashBenchmark

Swift https://github.com/jeudesprits/PSWyhash

V https://github.com/vlang/v/tree/master/vlib/hash/wyhash (v4)

Zig https://github.com/ManDeJan/zig-wyhash

I thank these names:

Reini Urban

Dietrich Epp

Joshua Haberman

Tommy Ettinger

Daniel Lemire

Otmar Ertl



Diego Barrios Romero



Yann Collet



James Z.M. Gao

easyaspi314 (Devin)

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