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MR-CNNs for Large-Scale Scene Recognition

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Multi-Resolution CNNs for Large-Scale Scene Recognition

Here we provide the code and models for the following paper (Arxiv Preprint):

Knowledge Guided Disambiguation for Large-Scale Scene Classification with Multi-Resolution CNNs
Limin Wang, Sheng Guo, Weilin Huang, Yuanjun Xiong, and Yu Qiao 
in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2017


  • February 21st, 2017
    • Release the code and models
  • January 3rd, 2017
    • Initialize the repo


We have made two efforts to exploit CNNs for large-scale scene recognition: - We design a modular framework to capture multi-level visual information for scene understanding by training CNNs from different resolutions - We propose a knowledge disambiguation strategy by using soft labels from extra networks to deal with the label ambiguity issue of scene recognition.

These two efforts are the core part of team "SIAT_MMLAB" for the following large-scale scene recogntion challenges.

| Challenge | Rank | Performance | |:-------------------:|:--------------:|:--------------:| | Places2 challenge 2015 | 2nd place | 0.1736 top5-error | | Places2 challenge 2016 | 4th place | 0.1042 top5-error | | LSUN challenge 2015 | 2nd place | 0.9030 top1-accuracy | | LSUN challenge 2016 | 1st place | 0.9161 top1-accuracy |

Places365 Models

We first release the learned models on the Places365 dataset. - Models learned at resolution of 256 * 256

| Model | Top5 Error Rate | |:-------------------:|:--------------:| | (A0) Normal BN-Inception | 0.143 | | (A1) Normal BN-Inception + object networks | 0.141 | | (A2) Normal BN-Inception + scene networks | 0.134 |

  • Models learned at resolution of 384 * 384

| Model | Top5 Error Rate | |:-------------------:|:--------------:| | (B0) Deeper BN-Inception | 0.140 | | (B1) Deeper BN-Inception + object networks | 0.136 | | (B2) Deeper BN-Inception + scene networks | 0.130 |

  • Download initialization and reference models

We release the scripts at the directory of



bash scripts/
to downdload knowldege models.


bash scripts/
to download reference models.

Testing Code

We release the testing code on the Places365 validation dataset at the directory of


We also release a demo code to use our Places365 model as generic feature extraction and perform scene recognition on the MIT Indoor67 dataset at the directory of


Training Code

We release the models at the directory of

and the training scripts at the directory of


bash scripts/
to train standard CNNs.


bash scripts/
to train knowledge disambiguation networks (by object network).


bash scripts/
to train knowledge disambiguation netowrks (by scene network).

The training code is based on our modified Caffe toolbox. It is a efficient parallel caffe with MPI implementation. Meanwhile, we implement a new kl-divergence loss layer for our knowledge disambiguation methods;


Contact - Limin Wang - Sheng Guo - Weilin Huang

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