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Visualization of Clojure data structures using Graphviz

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A library that can be used to render typical Clojure data structures using Graphviz.

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Pretty printing can only take you so far; eventually a different visual representation is handy for really seeing how all you data is connected and related.

(require '[com.walmartlabs.datascope :as ds])

(ds/view {:missing nil :string "A scalar." :n 10 :enabled? true :vector [1 2 3 4] :sequence (iterate inc 1) :set #{:science-fiction :romance :military} :atom (atom {:foo :bar :empty {}}) :empty {}})

This will bring up a frame (care of Rhizome) that displays the following:


  • Maps, Sets, and Sequences have rounded edges, Vectors have square edges.

  • Composite types are labeled with their (abbreviated) type.

  • Refs, such as Atoms and Vars, are supported.

  • Sequences are abbreviated; Maps, Sets, and Vectors are always fully rendered.

  • Functions are rendered as their de-mangled Clojure name.

Using the rest of the Rhizome API, you can easily save the images to disk instead of viewing them in a frame.

And, remember, Clojure code is data:

(require '[com.walmartlabs.datascope :as ds])

(ds/view '(defn save [root-object file-name] (-> (dot root-object) viz/dot->image (viz/save-image file-name))))


Upcoming Features

  • Optional rendering of meta data

  • Depth limit on rendering

  • Open up more internal API to support rendering of more types

  • Rendering of JavaBeans


Copyright © 2016 Walmartlabs

Distributed under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0.

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