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Requirements for Chinese Text Layout

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Chinese Text Layout task force (clreq) | 中文排版需求

This group allows a network of experts to share information about gaps and requirements for support of Simplified and Traditional Chinese on the Web and in eBooks.


It aims to address the problem that experts often don't know how to tell the W3C what problems exist for support of their script on the Web, and the W3C often doesn't know how to contact people who can help when questions arise.

很多语言专家往往不知道如何告诉 W3C 在网页上支持自己语言、文种;而 W3C 也不知道如何联系到能回答问题的人,本小组的目标就是在于解决这种情况。

Some experts go a step further, and contribute to a gap-analysis or requirements document.


Topics for discussion are suggested by the gap-analysis template. This work feeds into the language matrix which gives an overview of languages needing attention. You can find a list of open issues, including those from W3C Working Groups, on the Layout Tracker page. (That link applies a



The focus is especially on typographic features for which information in English is typically hard to find, such as justification, letter-spacing, vertical text, text decoration, page layout, emphasis, etc. We want to ensure that we have captured local user needs in CSS, HTML, Timed Text, Web Payments, Web Publishing, and the many other specifications that the W3C produces.

讨论特别关注于一些用英文资料难以找到的字体排印特性,比如对齐方式、字距、竖排、文本装饰、排版、强调方式等等。我们希望保证我们要能覆盖用户在 CSS、HTML、时间轴文本、网页支付、网页出版等的需要,以及其他 W3C 出台的规范。

Documents 文档

Related documents 相关文档


Please use the GitHub issue list to report issues for language support, for discussions, and to send feedback about documents. (Learn how GitHub issues work.)

请使用 GitHub Issue 提出中文支持的问题、讨论以及对有关文档的反馈。学习如何使用GitHub(英文)

Note: The public-i18n-cjk mailing list is used to send notification digests & meeting minutes. It is not for technical discussion.

注意:public-i18n-cjk 邮件列表用于发送通知摘要和会议记录,不用于技术讨论。

You may raise issues in Chinese, however any substantive discussions should be summarised in English at some point, so that non-Chinese speakers can follow the rationale and contribute comments.


Participate 参与

You can participate in the task force work at various levels. In order of increasing commitment, these include Follower, Contributor, Participant, Editor, and Chair. Find your level.


To just follow the work: Rather than 'Watch' this repository, subscribe to the public-i18n-cjk mailing list. That list is notified (no more than once a day, and in digest form), about changes to issues in this repository, but also about other W3C Working Group issues related to the Japanese, Chinese, & Korean writing systems.

如果只是关注小组工作:相比于“Watch”此仓库,订阅 public-i18n-cjk 邮件列表会更好。该列表每天以摘要形式通知此仓库的活动以及其他 W3C 工作组中与中日韩书写系统相关的问题。

To contribute content: All contributors should read and agree with


To become a participant, editor, or chair: contact Richard Ishida or 薛富侨 (Fuqiao Xue). We welcome participation requests.

如果有意向成为参与者、编辑或主席,请与 Richard Ishida薛富侨联系,欢迎加入我们的工作。

Contacts 联系我们

Chairs: Bobby TUNG, Yijun CHEN • W3C staff: Fuqiao Xue, Richard Ishida

主席:董福興、陳奕鈞 • W3C 员工:薛富侨Richard Ishida

Links 链接

Links to background information 背景信息链接

The following information describes work going on at the W3C to support languages on the Web.

以下信息描述了 W3C 正在进行的 Web 语言支持方面的工作。

Links for editors

Because the document is multilingual, you need to follow certain steps when creating or modifying the source text. See for details.

If you edit a document, you should also be familiar with and use the following:

The following templates are available: - Gap analysis template - Requirements document template

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