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This repository contains the source code of The Vue.js Master Class.

The Vue.js Master Class

The goal of the Master Class is to teach you Vue.js along with Best Practices, Modern Javascript, and other exciting technologies, by building a Real World application - a forum.

We cover the fundamentals, like

  • Vue cli, router and State management with Vuex
  • Modern Javascript (ES6/7/8)
  • User permissions & protected routes
  • Third party authentication
  • Firebase Realtime Database & Cloud functions
  • Automatic code review with ESLint
  • Deployment
  • Application architecture and best practices

We also dive into harder topics, like:

  • Higher Order Functions
  • Creating Vue Plugins
  • Code Splitting
  • Support for older Browsers
  • Webpack configuration
  • SEO and pre-rendering
  • Reactive programming with RxJS

By completing the Vue.js Master Class, you will be able to land any Vue related job or optimize/improve your own projects!

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Build Setup

# install dependencies

serve with hot reload at localhost:8080

yarn dev

build for production with minification

yarn build

build for production and view the bundle analyzer report

npm run build --report

For a detailed explanation on how things work, check out the guide and docs for vue-loader.

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