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webpack loader for Vue Single-File Components

NOTE: The master branch now hosts the code for v15! Legacy code is now in the v14 branch.

What is Vue Loader?

is a loader for webpack that allows you to author Vue components in a format called Single-File Components (SFCs):

There are many cool features provided by

  • Allows using other webpack loaders for each part of a Vue component, for example Sass for
     and Pug for 
  • Allows custom blocks in a
    file that can have custom loader chains applied to them;
  • Treat static assets referenced in
     as module dependencies and handle them with webpack loaders;
  • Simulate scoped CSS for each component;
  • State-preserving hot-reloading during development.

In a nutshell, the combination of webpack and

gives you a modern, flexible and extremely powerful front-end workflow for authoring Vue.js applications.

How It Works

The following section is for maintainers and contributors who are interested in the internal implementation details of

, and is not required knowledge for end users.

is not a simple source transform loader. It handles each language blocks inside an SFC with its own dedicated loader chain (you can think of each block as a "virtual module"), and finally assembles the blocks together into the final module. Here's a brief overview of how the whole thing works:
  1. vue-loader
    parses the SFC source code into an SFC Descriptor using
    . It then generates an import for each language block so the actual returned module code looks like this:
    // code returned from the main loader for 'source.vue'

    // import the

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