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Rothko is an aggregate metric system for large scale deployments.

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Rothko stores and allows interaction with distributions of a metric that vary through time. This allows you to collect insight about the overall values of metrics when there are many values from multiple hosts.

Learn more about Rothko in our introductory blog post.


Set up

Source the

script to add the
folder to your
. .setup
) which adds the
command. Running
has output like
Usage: roth  [subcommand args...]

build     builds a development rothko binary
clean     cleans development rothko data
generate  generates all the code/documentation
live      runs a live server that rebuilds on code changes
onboard   sets up the developer environment to build and run the ui
run       runs a development rothko server

If you are working on the ui, you can run

roth onboard
to have it install the required set of npm and Elm dependencies, and
roth live
to have it spin up a live server (
is required). Any changes to the Go or Elm code will cause the code to be rebuilt and any open web pages to reload. You can then visit a demo site with some demo data at http://localhost:8080.

In general

  • Pull requests are fine and dandy.
  • Try to make the code you add "look like" the code around it. Style and consistency matter.
  • Open an issue to talk about any major changes you'd like to see. Maybe it's already being worked on.

In Go

  • Try to add unit tests for any new functionality you add or any bugs you fix. There are some internal packages for doing assertions, etc. Check out other tests for guidance.
  • Be sure to document any exported public interfaces. Documentation matters.
  • Run
    roth generate
    as it commits documentation to the README's at the package directories.
  • Breaking changes are still acceptible for now.

In Elm

  • Make sure to run elm-format on everything. I use
    elm-format-0.18 0.7.0-exp


  • If you write bash scripts, make sure they pass shellcheck.


Be sure to add yourself to

so that you can get credit for your hard work!

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