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Creating a remote for tvOS - Support for TvOS App and iOS App

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Apple TV Project (Receiver)

Step 1: Create a TvOS Project and import the files from RemoteReceiver


OR import files from RemoteReceiver/Code


Step 2: In your ViewController.m file import the RemoteReceiver.h file

#import "RemoteReceiver.h"

Step 3: Inside ViewController.m file add the following code

@interface ViewController () 
@property (nonatomic, strong) RemoteReceiver *remoteReceiver;

Step 4: Inside viewDidLoad alloc and set the delegate for remoteReceiver

self.remoteReceiver = [[RemoteReceiver alloc] init];
self.remoteReceiver.delegate = self;

Step 5: Implement the following delegate method for messages send from iOS remote app

-(void) didReceiveMessage:(NSDictionary *)userInfo{

iOS Project (Sender/Remote Control)

Step 1: Create an iOS Project and import the files from RemoteSender


OR import files from RemoteReceiver/Code


Step 2: Import the RemoteSender class in your ViewController

#import "RemoteSender.h"

Step 3: Update ViewController.m with the following code

@interface ViewController ()
@property(nonatomic, strong) RemoteSender *remoteSender;

Step 4: Allocate and initialize the remoteSender object

self.remoteSender = [[RemoteSender alloc] init];

Step 5: Implement gestures and methods (Check below for just button code)

- (IBAction)sendSomeInformation:(id)sender {
    NSDictionary *theDictionaryToSendToTV = @{@"name": @"John Smith",@"age": @"35", @"address":@"123 Main St"};
    [self.remoteSender sendInfo:theDictionaryToSendToTV];

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