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An easy on the eyes Xcode color scheme, ported from Ciapre Sublime Text.

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Ciapre Xcode

An easy on the eyes Xcode color scheme, ported from Ciapre Sublime Text.




Ciapre 2


Ciapre 3



Alcatraz (reccommended)

In Xcode Package Manager Alcatraz. Just search for

-> check the checkmark button -> restart Xcode.


  1. On Terminal:
git clone [email protected]:vinhnx/Ciapre-Xcode-theme.git && cd Ciapre-Xcode-theme && sh
  • what this does:
    1. Clone this repo on current location
    2. Navigate to the repo on disk
    3. Invoke a shell script install, first, it locates for
      to check whether the folder exists. If exists, it copy all
      files from the repo to the Xcode FontAndColorThemes directory; else, it create this directory, then copy.
  1. Restart Xcode, select your new Ciapre theme in Color settings.

  2. Happy Coding -> Profit (?!) :shipit::ship::rocket::octocat:

Color Pallete

Reccommended Font

For more programming fonts, visit

Ciapre on Other Platforms

Thanks all for your works! :beer:

What's With The Name?

Just random, really!



I also have a Patreon in case you want to support my work. Thank you in advance!

I'm @vinhnx on both Twitter and GitHub. If you like this theme, please help spreading to the world. Thanks! :rocket:

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