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Vincent Bernat's awesome configuration

This is my awesome configuration. It does not exactly feature the same keybindings as the default configuration. I don't recommend using it by you can pick anything you need in it.

This configuration is for awesome 3.4. I did not update to 3.5 yet. Have a look at @P-EB pull request for 3.5 support.

Here some of the things you may be interested in:

  • It is modular. I am using

    as a table to pass different things between "modules".
  • I use a light transparency effect to tell if a window has the focus or not. It needs a composite manager.

  • I use a Python script

    to build the wallpaper to be displayed. There is a random selection and it works with multihead setup. It seems that classic tools are now able to change the wallpaper per screen and therefore, the script may seem a bit useless but I keep it.
  • I am using

    as a screensaver. It relies on standard X screensaver handling (and therefore is easy for application to disable) and also supports systemd inhibitors. Nothing fancy but I reuse the wallpaper built above. A notification is sent 10 seconds before starting.
  • In

    , you may be interested by the way I configure GTK2 and GTK3 to have an unified look. It works and it does not need
  • I have rebuilt my own implementation of the Quake console in

    . The common ones didn't like when awesome was restarted.
  • I am using notifications when changing volume or brightness. I am also using notifications to change xrandr setup. This is pretty cool.

  • Keybindings are "autodocumented". See

    to see how this works. The list of key bindings can be accessed with Mod4 + F1.
  • On the debug front, I am quite happy with

  • Many stuff is handled by systemd. The session is still expected to be handled by Xsession but we invoke a custom display-specific

    [email protected]
    which binds to a display-specific
    [email protected]
    . This is different from the
    shipped by distributions because I wanted it to be display-specific. Also, unit activation is bundled directly into
    [email protected]
    while dependencies are mostly handled in
    [email protected]

Also, I am using my custom terminal (

). You need to change that in
. You can also find the sources on GitHub.

Things in

are meant to be reused. I am using my own
function to load modules and therefore, I prefix my modules with
. Before reusing a module, you may want to change this. Another way to load them is to use:
local quake = package.loaded["vbe/quake"]

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