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USD Projects and Resources

Projects and resources relating to Pixar's Universal Scene Description






  • Apple's Finder and Preview application can display USD files natively
  • Aero Adobe's Project Aero
  • AL_USDMaya Animal Logic's plugin (now unified with the Autodesk Maya plugin)
  • AL_USDMaya Animal Logic's Asset Resolution system
  • AL_USDMaya Presentation about the AL_USDMaya workflow
  • Arnold Luma Pictures USD bridge for Arnold
  • Blender Work in Progress Blender Exporter
  • Gaffer USD is available for SceneReader node and SceneWriter node from v0.42.0.0
  • Houdini
  • Katana
  • Maya Autodesk Maya plugin
  • Model I/O Apple's Model I/O brings USD to Metal
  • Millefiori MPC's USD based Sequence Editor
  • Multiverse Scene assembly, set dressing, and inter-op with DCC applications
  • nVidia RTX USD is supported for asset interchange on the RTX platform
  • OpenWalter Rodeo FX's USD plugin suite for Arnold, Houdini, Katana and Maya.
  • SceneKit Apple's SceneKit can read and write USD files for native rendering on all Apple platforms
  • SketchUp Dr. Wave's USD Sketchup plugin
  • TiltBrush TiltBrush v15 can export USD camera tracks
  • Unreal Unreal 4.18 includes a USD importer
  • Unity USD SDK Full C# bindings to the USD SDK
  • Unity USD SDK Presentation about the Unity USD SDK
  • Unity USD SDK Design notes on the Unity USD SDK's API
  • Unity USD SDK Details on using the Unity USD SDK
  • USD for Unity USD and Alembic importer/exporter plugin for Unity
  • USD Qt Luma Pictures has created some reusable Qt widgets to work with USD
  • UsdView Live coding Live Coding in USD
  • UsdVol for Katana UsdVol to Renderman bridge for Katana


  • AMD ProRender AMD ProRender raytracing Hydra delegate
  • GTC 2015 Jeremy Cowles' GTC2015 presentation introducing Hydra
  • Hydra Houdini Dreamworks' Hydra plugin for Houdini
  • HydraNSI Usdview Hydra delegate for 3Delight NSI
  • Intel hdOSPRay Hydra + Intel's Open-Source OSPRay interactive path tracer
  • Switch Victor Yudin has built a game using Hydra as the render engine
  • Tutorials Tutorials on using Hydra as a stand-alone render system
  • USD-tests Examples for learning USD and Hydra APIs



There are a variety of strategies for building USD.

  • Official USD repo The repo includes a robust build script that pulls canonical dependency sources, and can build for all supported platforms.
  • USD Build Club This is the most thorough and flexible method for building USD and all its dependencies for macOS and Windows. Dependencies are fetched from canonical sources.
  • Ubuntu scripts
  • Rez
  • RodeoFX's dependency builds Includes tarred sources for USD dependencies at vfxplatform point revisions.


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