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Life is short, use Python.


This project aims to finish LeetCode problems and high-frequency interview problems in 10 LINES OF Python programming language.

Why To Start

This project is not aiming to help you prepare an interview — We want to help you enhancing some Python skills quickly by showing that Python can finish your daily jobs in a faster, smarter, and neater way.

Why Python, Not C++

Some of the problems are designed to use C++ properly to get a good EXECUTION EFFICIENCY, while Python is a language of good CODING EFFICIENCY. We will mark these problems and will show PSEUDOCODE, written in Python, showing the spirit of C++ solution, although you may find a much more efficiency way by calling Python built-in APIs.

Why 10 Lines

10 line target is reachable ( import + function body ) 2. Code-line-KPI is SOOOOOO STUUUUPID. Just finish your job with fewer code as you can. It may reminds me that Steve Woz can earn more bucks by shortening the code of ATARI games, not by extending them.


Name your problems properly.

Using [OPEN—],[CLOSED] to show the status of problems.

You can simply : Add a OPEN problem, finish 1 to make it CLOSED, modify different versions of function it if you have better ideas.

Using LEET or INTV to show whether it’s a original Leetcode or Interview problem.

Finish your problems properly.

import + function body <= 10 lines of Python code.

Comment lines are not counted.

If you use ‘\’ to break 1 line into some, there would be only 1 line count

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