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:scroll: inspired by iscroll, and it supports more features and has a better scroll perfermance

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1.x Docs

2.x Docs

Note: The following code is the syntax of




npm install better-scroll -S # install 1.x npm install [email protected] -S # install 2.x,with full-featured plugin.

or include it directly via CDN

<script src=""></script>

What is BetterScroll ?

BetterScroll is a plugin which is aimed at solving scrolling circumstances on the mobile side (PC supported already). The core is inspired by the implementation of iscroll, so the APIs of BetterScroll are compatible with iscroll on the whole. What's more, BetterScroll also extends some features and optimizes for performance based on iscroll.

BetterScroll is implemented with plain JavaScript, which means it's dependency free.

Getting started

The most common application scenario of BetterScroll is list scrolling. Let's see its HTML:

- ...
- ...

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