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Like Cloudapp using IPFS

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IPFS screenshot url

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Like cloudapp but using IPFS. If you're asking why IPFS, you should check out ipfs.io. A simple way to think of IPFS is torrents but accessible through HTTP.

Sample IPFS link: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmTf3EquRYzxa4njTRpimp6YEcJJPSUf5pQE9TE54qCa3M

Setup on Ubuntu

Currently no installer so steps need to be taken manually.

  1. Install IPFS
  2. install xclip,
    apt-get install xclip
  3. Clone repository,
    git clone [email protected]:uptownhr/ipfs-screenshot
  4. Start ipfs daemon,
    ipfs daemon
  5. create keyboard shortcut, System Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Custom Shortcuts -> +
    • command: /{path-to-ipfs-screen}/ipfs-screen.sh

Setup on Mac OS

  1. Install IPFS
  2. Clone repository,
    git clone [email protected]:uptownhr/ipfs-screenshot
  3. Start ipfs daemon,
    ipfs daemon


  1. use keyboard shortcut ie: ctrl + shift + s
  2. Select screen area
  3. Paste, ipfs url to the screenshot will be available for use


  • [x] Create installer script
  • [x] Support for OSX
  • [ ] Support for Windows
  • [ ] Create Video / Gif Recorder

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