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uPort Contracts for managing identity DEPRECATED

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uPort Identity Contracts

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Contract documentation

This repository contains the contracts currently in use by uPort. This is also where you find the addresses of these contracts currently deployed on Mainnet and relevant test networks. Below you can find descriptions of each of the contracts and the rationale behind the design decisions.

Proxy | TxRelay | IdentityManager | MetaIdentityManager

  1. Using the contracts
  2. Testing the contracts
  3. Contract interactions
  4. Deploying contracts to a private network

Contract Deployments

Mainnet (id: 1)

|Contract|Address| | --|--| |IdentityManager|0x22a4d688748845e9d5d7394a0f05bc583adf4656| |TxRelay|0xec2642cd5a47fd5cca2a8a280c3b5f88828aa578| |MetaIdentityManager|0x27500ae27b6b6ad7de7d64b1def90f3e6e7ced47|

Rinkeby testnet (id: 4)

|Contract|Address| | --|--| |IdentityManager|0x19aece3ae41ee33c30f331906b7e4bb578946a55| |TxRelay|0xda8c6dce9e9a85e6f9df7b09b2354da44cb48331| |MetaIdentityManager|0x87ea811785c4bd30fc104c2543cf8ed90f7eeec7|

Kovan testnet (id: 42)

|Contract|Address| | --|--| |IdentityManager|0xdb55d40684e7dc04655a9789937214b493a2c2c6| |TxRelay|0xa9235151d3afa7912e9091ab76a36cbabe219a0c| |MetaIdentityManager|0x737f53c0cebf0acd1ea591685351b2a8580702a5|

Ropsten testnet (id: 3)

|Contract|Address| | --|--| |IdentityManager|0x27500ae27b6b6ad7de7d64b1def90f3e6e7ced47| |TxRelay|0xa5e04cf2942868f5a66b9f7db790b8ab662039d5| |MetaIdentityManager|0xbdaf396ce9b9b9c42cd40d37e01b5dbd535cc960|


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