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GitHub has sold us out. Time to get out.

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GitHub Evacuation Project logoGitHub Evacuation Project

Help move a movement

Star this repo to add your voice.

If you've already evacuated or plan to, consider replacing your profile picture with the red logo above and adding the words "github evacuee" to your profile. If you've moved any repos it's a good idea to put a forwarding address on the README you leave behind on GitHub. Tag the repo

(click "manage topics" at the top of your repo). These little steps can help spur a movement and give moral support to those on the fence.


Relaunched on GitLab

The GitHub Evacuation Project has moved to GitLab (not an endorsement or even a final home). Your enthusiasm and contribution is still needed. Please check out the new project home, and read the project wiki for info to get (re)started.


GitHub Evacuation Project is evacuating GitHub!

Makes perfect sense, no?

The very question you all ask, "But where should we go?" is the very same conundrum the project faces. GitHub's popularity and dominance (built on an implied promise to us they've now broken) has stifled the viability of alternatives, much as its new owner has done for decades with Windows.

Upending Microsoft Github's dominance isn’t a one week or one month task. This is going to take work, smarts, patience and principle. We will provide near term solutions for those who can't wait, but we must also figure out viable long term ones the ensure we are never back in this situation again.

While we figure this out, you can get update notifications by placing a watch on this repo, or by following us on on twitter. We will keep updating this repo on GitHub for all the people and projects who have not yet evacuated.

If you'd like to help develop The Evacuation Guide, or on software we may develop to facilitate evacuation, or on the movement itself, please email [email protected] or send us a message on twitter.


BREAKING NEWS: Microsoft GitHub just censored this project from its Trending page

We were the #1 project and the #4 "developer" before they deleted us. Maybe it was too embarrassing?

We have not violated any terms of service.

Is this Microsoft GitHub's commitment to an open platform for all projects? Will this repo be deleted too? Will other projects that compete with Microsoft products or challenge its dominance be on the chopping block next?

GitHub has sold us out.

Sold out.

Some will go with the flow. Some look forward to the new overlords and their deep pockets.

But some believe deeply that the open source community needs an independent home. Some believe that the concentration of so much power in the hands of so few is antithetical not just to free and open software, but also to a free and just society. We, the contributors and stargazers of this project are such people. This project is for us. Star this repo to count yourself in. #resist

What are we going to do about it?

The immediate goal was to provide a means for GitHub users to register their protest by starring this repo and spreading the word. We achieved that. This ~~is~~ was the #1 trending repo on GitHub — until they censored us. We were gaining around 1,500 stars per day in only our 4th day of existence — until they buried us. In the first week there were over 130,000 views and over 35,000 unique visitors.

The next goal was to bring people together to collaboratively put together resources and guides — escape routes for evacuees.

Long term the goal is to seed a resistance movement for a free, open and people-driven internet in service of a free, open and people-driven world.

The Evacuation Guide

We are developing an Evacuation Guide, but obviously not right here on Microsoft territory. The Guide will evaluate the options, measuring them against various criteria. For those options we endorse, we will provide easy-to-follow instructions for migration. If you'd like to help, email [email protected]

Spread the word

A list of priority projects will appear on this page as soon as we decide what they should be. Please check back if you are interested, or send us an email now and we'll update you.

Spread the word within GitHub any way you can. Help people who'd want to be here find us. Outside GitHub: share, tweet or post a link to this repo.

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