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Focal loss for Dense Object Detection

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The code is unofficial version for

focal loss for Dense Object Detection

this is implementtd using mxnet python layer.

The retina-net is in


Assue that you have put the in your operator path

you can use:

from your_operators.focal_loss import *

cls_prob = mx.sym.Custom(op_type='FocalLoss', name = 'cls_prob', data = cls_score, labels = label, alpha =0.25, gamma= 2)

focal loss with softmax on kitti(10 cls)

this is my experiments on kitti 10 cls, the performance on hard cls is great!!

| [email protected] | car | van | Truck |cyclist |pedestrian|person_sitting|tram |misc |dontcare| | ------------- |:-------------:| -----:| -----:| ------:|---------:|-------------:|-----:|-----:|-------:| | base line(faster rcnn + ohem(1:2)) | 0.7892 |0.7462 |0.8465 |0.623 |0.4254 |0.1374 |0.5035|0.5007|0.1329 | | faster rcnn + focal loss with softmax| 0.797 |0.874 | 0.8959|0.7914 |0.5700 |0.2806 |0.7884|0.7052|0.1433 |


about parameters in this expriment


very important!!!

~~in my experiment, i have to use the strategy in

paper section 3.3



~~Uder such an initialization, in the presence of class imbalance, the loss due to the frequent class can dominate total loss and cause instability in early training.~~


~~train the model using the classical softmax for several times (for examples 3 in kitti dataset)~~

~~choose a litti learning rate:~~

~~and the traing loss will work well:~~


about alpha

now focal loss with softmax work well

focal loss value is not used in, becayse we should forward the clspro in this layer, the major task of is to backward the focal loss gradient.

the focal loss vale should be calculated in and use normalization in it.

and this layer is not support


for example :

class RCNNLogLossMetric(mx.metric.EvalMetric):
    def __init__(self, cfg):
        super(RCNNLogLossMetric, self).__init__('RCNNLogLoss')
        self.e2e = cfg.TRAIN.END2END
        self.ohem = cfg.TRAIN.ENABLE_OHEM
        self.pred, self.label = get_rcnn_names(cfg)

def update(self, labels, preds):
    pred = preds[self.pred.index('rcnn_cls_prob')]
    if self.ohem or self.e2e:
        label = preds[self.pred.index('rcnn_label')]
        label = labels[self.label.index('rcnn_label')]

    last_dim = pred.shape[-1]
    pred = pred.asnumpy().reshape(-1, last_dim)
    label = label.asnumpy().reshape(-1,).astype('int32')

    # filter with keep_inds
    keep_inds = np.where(label != -1)[0]
    label = label[keep_inds]
    cls = pred[keep_inds, label]

    cls += 1e-14
    gamma = 2
    alpha = 0.25

    cls_loss = alpha*(-1.0 * np.power(1 - cls, gamma) * np.log(cls))

    cls_loss = np.sum(cls_loss)/len(label)
    #print cls_loss
    self.sum_metric += cls_loss
    self.num_inst += label.shape[0]

the value must like

forward value


backward gradient value


you can check the gradient value in your debug(if need). By the way

this is my derivation about backward, if it has mistake, please note to me.

softmax activation:


cross entropy with softmax


Focal loss with softmax


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