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Build Web Application with Golang

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Translator Comments

This is an English version of 《Go Web编程》, the original version was written by AstaXie and translated by Unknown and Larry Battle.

This book is about how to build web applications in Go. In the first few chapters of the book, the author will review some basic knowledge about Go. However, for an optimal reading experience, you should have a basic understanding of the Go language and the concept of a web application. If you are completely new to programming, this book is not intended to provide sufficient introductory material to get started.

If anything is unclear due to wording or language issues, feel free to ask me to write a better translation.

Acknowledgments for translation help


Because I'm interested in web application development, I used my free time to write this book as an open source version. It doesn't mean that I have a very good ability to build web applications; I would like to share what I've done with Go in building web applications.

  • For those of you who are working with PHP/Python/Ruby, you will learn how to build a web application with Go.
  • For those of you who are working with C/C++, you will know how the web works.

I believe the purpose of studying is sharing with others. The happiest thing in my life is sharing everything I've known with more people.


If you like this book, you can ask your Chinese friends to follow this link donate the original author, help him write more books with better, more useful, and more interesting content.

Exchanging Learning Go

If you know what is QQ, join the group 259316004. If not, follow this link to get more details. Also, you can join our forum.


First, I have to thank the people who are members of Golang-China in QQ group 102319854, they are all very nice and helpful. Then, I need to thank the following people who gave great help when I was writing this book.


This book is licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License, the code is licensed under a BSD 3-Clause License, unless otherwise specified.

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