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HTML5 Wayland compositor :seedling:

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The in-browser wayland compositor Build Status

Latest development snapshot:

Greenfield is a Wayland compositor written entirely in TypeScript while utilizing WebAssembly and WebGL for the performance critical parts. It can run native Wayland applications remotely, or it can run Wayland web applications directly in your browser.

For more information, have a look on the website.

Modular Compositor

Greenfield consists of 3 separate parts.

Running latest code locally

From the root of this repository run:

app-endpoint server

  • pushd app-endpoint-server && yarn install && yarn generate && yarn build && GST_GL_WINDOW=gbm yarn start


  • pushd compositor-module && yarn install && yarn build && yarn link && popd && pushd compositor-demo && yarn install && yarn link greenfield-compositor && yarn start
  • Go to http://localhost:8080

Demo Webshell implementation



First User Shell implementation (April 2019)

Fosdem presentation + demo (2 Feb 2019):

Fosdem presentation + demo

Early tech preview demo (23 Nov 2017):

Early tech preview demo

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