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Gradle plugin that allows easy integration with the infer static analyzer.

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Infer Gradle Plugin

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This Gradle plug-in creates tasks to run Infer on Android and Java projects.


This plug-in isn't used or maintained by the original authors anymore. For null checking, we recommend migrating to NullAway. If you're still using Infer for additional checks, we recomend investigating other approaches as this plug-in isn't actively being worked on.


To use this plug-in, you must have Infer installed.

Add the plug-in dependency and apply it in your project's

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath "com.uber:infer-plugin:0.7.4"

Applying the Plugin


apply plugin: ''
apply plugin: ''


apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: ''

Including and Excluding

In the build.gradle of the project that applies the plugin:

inferPlugin {
    infer {
        include = project.files("")
        exclude = project.files("")
    eradicate {
        include = project.files("")
        exclude = project.files("")


  • infer
    - runs Infer's standard analyzer.
  • eradicate
    - runs Infer's Eradicate analyzer.

For Android projects, the plug-in will create a task for each build variant in your application or library (for example, debug and release).

  • inferVaraint
    - runs Infer's standard analyzer.
  • eradicateVariant
    - runs Infer's Eradicate analyzer.

For a specific list of tasks available on your project, run Gradle's



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