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wxPython in Action

wxPython is a Python extension library for developing cross platform GUI. It is an alternative to other GUI development toolkits like PyQt, Tkinter etc. This repostiory contains a variety of code examples for developing different GUI elements with wxPython.


Below simple module demonstrantes creation of two main objects in wxPython which are the main window object and the application object, followed by passing the control to the event-driven system by calling

which manages the user-interactive part of the program.
#!/usr/bin/env python
import wx

class App(wx.App): def OnInit(self): frame = wx.Frame(parent=None, title='Bare') frame.Show() return True

app = App() app.MainLoop()


Download or fork the repository

git clone https://github.com/ubbn/wxPython.git


wget https://github.com/ubbn/wxPython/archive/master.zip


Those original code examples are found in a book wxPython in Action authored by Noel Rappin who is a senior developer and agile Coach at Table XI. Noel has authored multiple technical books, including Rails 4 Test Prescriptions, Master Space and Time With JavaScript, Trust-Driven Development and several more. If you like those example codes, I encourage you to buy his book wxPython in Action. Contact with him on his website or follow him on twitter.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with either Noel Rappin or the sales of this book.

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