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Sample Rails application deployed with Kubernetes

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Running this in development mode

You will need to install Docker Compose for this. Here's how you build the Docker images:

docker-compose build

To run the application:

docker-compose up

Then access it at




Create the necessary secrets:

kubectl create secret generic db-user-pass --from-literal=password=mysecretpass
kubectl create secret generic db-user --from-literal=username=postgres
kubectl create secret generic secret-key-base --from-literal=secret-key-base=50dae16d7d1403e175ceb2461605b527cf87a5b18479740508395cb3f1947b12b63bad049d7d1545af4dcafa17a329be4d29c18bd63b421515e37b43ea43df64


Create the volumes:

kubectl create -f kube/volumes/postgres_volumes.yaml

Create the Service and Deployment

kubectl create -f kube/services/postgres_svc.yaml
kubectl create -f kube/deployments/postgres_deploy.yaml


Create the Service

kubectl create -f kube/services/redis_svc.yaml
kubectl create -f kube/deployments/redis_deploy.yaml


You will have to build and push the Rails image. Make sure you update the

with your own username.
bundle exec rake docker:push_image

First run the setup Kube job to create the database and run migrations:

kubectl create -f kube/jobs/setup.yaml

Create the Rails Service

kubectl create -f kube/services/rails_svc.yaml

And the Deployment

kubectl create -f kube/deployments/rails_deploy.yaml


Finally create the Ingress resource:

kubectl create -f kube/ingresses/ingress.yaml


For an in-depth step by step guide check out my blog post at: Rails on kubernetes - Part 2

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