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A no-nonsense kernel tweak script for Linux and Android systems, backed by evidence.

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A no-nonsense kernel tweak script for Linux and Android systems, backed by evidence.

Another "kernel optimizer"?

No. Well, yes. However, a "kernel optimizer" is a poor way to put it. KTweak performs kernel adjustments based on facts and evidence, unlike other optimizers with poorly written or heavily obfuscated code.

  • NFS Injector uses closed source, compiled binaries with various typos in the README. It also provides a "pro" version that costs money.
  • MAGNETAR also uses closed source, compiled binaries. I'd love to say more about this, but I can't even find out what the module even does.
  • FDE.AI also uses closed source, compiled binaries with a paid variant.
  • LKT sets random nonsensical build.props that don't even exist.
  • ZeetaTweaks is a clone of KTweak with the values changed. As of the V11 zip, it disables essential system services, deletes files permanently from /data/data, kills perfd (which is the userspace boosting daemon), disables SELinux, disables fsync, and various other detrimental changes.

What's different about KTweak?

Unlike other "kernel optimizers", KTweak is:

  • Entirely open source with no compiled components
  • Concise, at less than 200 lines long
  • Backed by benchmarks and evidence
  • Designed by an experienced kernel developer
  • Non-intrusive and completely systemless


The following benchmarks were performed on a OnePlus 7 Pro running the stock kernel provided by the OEM on Android 10. KTweak sacrifices throughput for latency, since latency correlates to UI / UX smoothness. This explains the slight regression with the scheduler throughput.

Scheduler latency via
(lower is better)

  • Stock:

    50.0th: 4052
    75.0th: 14288
    90.0th: 26848
    95.0th: 32960
    *99.0th: 45120
    99.5th: 49856
    99.9th: 59200
    min=0, max=73600
  • KTweak:

    50.0th: 1054
    75.0th: 1790
    90.0th: 2628
    95.0th: 3836
    *99.0th: 8880
    99.5th: 11472
    99.9th: 18080
    min=0, max=32781

Synthmark Latencymark (lower is better)

  • Stock: 10 / 12
  • KTweak: 4 / 4

Scheduler throughput via
perf bench sched messaging
(lower is better)

  • Stock: 0.331 seconds
  • KTweak: 0.808 seconds

Scheduler throughput via
perf bench sched pipe
(lower is better)

  • Stock: 16.159 seconds
  • KTweak: 18.599 seconds

The Tweaks

Head over to the script itself to learn what everything does. It is documented in the comments.


You can find me on telegram at @tytydraco. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

Join the releases channel at @ktweak, or the discussion channel at @ktweak_discussion.

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