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comtomize view submit button which you use for submit operation or download operation and so on.

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This is library project with a custom view that implements concept of Submit Button ( made by Colin Garven.



mSubmit.setOnProgressStart(new SubmitView.OnProgressStart() {
            public void progressStart() {
                // do something when progress start

    mSubmit.setOnProgressDone(new SubmitView.OnProgressDone() {
        public void progressDone() {
            // do something when progress is done

public interface

| 函数名 | 作用| |:------|:-----| |

setBackColor(int color)
| 设置图标背景色,默认是绿色(0xff00cd97),上图Demo设置为蓝色(0xff0097cd)| |
setText(String str)
| |
|将按钮重置到初始状态| |
setProgress(float progress)
|设置正在执行工作的执行进程| |
| 正在执行工作是否完成| |
setOnProgressStart(OnProgressStart listener)
|设置progress开始回调| |
setOnProgressDone(OnProgressDone listener)
| 设置progress完成回调|

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