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ButtonMenu is an Android library created to build user interfaces based on buttons. This library has...

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ButtonMenu is an Android library created to build user interfaces based on buttons. This library has been implemented using Model View ViewModel pattern combined with an Android custom view that extends LinearLayout.

In this library you will find a custom view implementation called ButtonMenu and a custom animator called ScrollAnimator you can use to link the scroll of a ListView with your ButtonMenu to show or hide the view when the user uses the ListView scroll.

This library works on Android 2.X or higher versions.


Demo Screenshot 1 Demo Screenshot 2


Download the project, compile it using

mvn clean install
into your project.

Or declare it into your pom.xml


Or into your build.gradle

    compile 'com.tuenti.buttonmenu:library:1.0.9'


  • 1. Add a
    to your layout.

  • 2. Initialize your ButtonMenu widget with a ButtonMenuVM implementation inside your Activity or Fragment. You can use our SimpleButtonMenuVM implementation or create your own ButtonMenuVM implementation.
private void initializeButtonMenu() {
    button_menu = (ButtonMenu) findViewById(R.id.button_menu);
  • 3. If you want to create your custom ButtonMenuVM implementation you can follow the sample implemented in CustomButtonMenuVM.
public class CustomButtonMenuVM extends SimpleButtonMenuVM {


  • Every ButtonVM implementation could be moved to a different file extending SimpleButtonVM if needed.
  • / private final ButtonVM moment = new SimpleButtonVM(R.layout.moment_button, R.id.moment, null); private final ButtonVM photo = new SimpleButtonVM(R.layout.photo_button, R.id.photo, null); private final ButtonVM contact = new SimpleButtonVM(R.layout.contact_button, R.id.contact, null);

public CustomButtonMenuVM() { super(); addItem(moment); addItem(photo); addItem(contact); }

  • 4. Connect your ButtonMenu widget with the ScrollAnimator to attach the scroll animation effect.
private void initializeScrollAnimator() {
    ScrollAnimator scrollAnimator = new ScrollAnimator(button_menu, new ObjectAnimatorFactory());

Review different ButtonVM implementations -like

- in this project if you want to create your custom ButtonVM.

Credits & Contact

ButtonMenu was created by Android team at Tuenti Technologies S.L.. You can follow Tuenti engineering team on Twitter @tuentieng.


ButtonMenu is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.txt file for more info.

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