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This is a pure Go client for HBase.

Current status: beta.

Supported Versions

HBase >= 1.0


go get github.com/tsuna/gohbase

Example Usage

Create a client

client := gohbase.NewClient("localhost")

Insert a cell

// Values maps a ColumnFamily -> Qualifiers -> Values.
values := map[string]map[string][]byte{"cf": map[string][]byte{"a": []byte{0}}}
putRequest, err := hrpc.NewPutStr(context.Background(), "table", "key", values)
rsp, err := client.Put(putRequest)

Get an entire row

getRequest, err := hrpc.NewGetStr(context.Background(), "table", "row")
getRsp, err := client.Get(getRequest)

Get a specific cell

// Perform a get for the cell with key "15", column family "cf" and qualifier "a"
family := map[string][]string{"cf": []string{"a"}}
getRequest, err := hrpc.NewGetStr(context.Background(), "table", "15",
getRsp, err := client.Get(getRequest)

Get a specific cell with a filter

pFilter := filter.NewKeyOnlyFilter(true)
family := map[string][]string{"cf": []string{"a"}}
getRequest, err := hrpc.NewGetStr(context.Background(), "table", "15",
    hrpc.Families(family), hrpc.Filters(pFilter))
getRsp, err := client.Get(getRequest)

Scan with a filter

pFilter := filter.NewPrefixFilter([]byte("7"))
scanRequest, err := hrpc.NewScanStr(context.Background(), "table",
scanRsp, err := client.Scan(scanRequest)


Any help would be appreciated. Please use Github pull requests to send changes for review. Please sign the Contributor License Agreement when you send your first change for review.


Copyright © 2015 The GoHBase Authors. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by the Apache License 2.0 that can be found in the COPYING file.

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