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Heavily optimized cryptography algorithms for embedded devices.

These include: - AES/Rijndael encryption/decryption - Big Number (256 bit) Arithmetics - BIP32 Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets - BIP39 Mnemonic code - ECDSA signing/verifying (supports secp256k1 and nist256p1 curves, uses RFC6979 for deterministic signatures) - ECDSA public key derivation - Base32 (RFC4648 and custom alphabets) - Base58 address representation - Ed25519 signing/verifying (also SHA3 and Keccak variants) - ECDH using secp256k1, nist256p1 and Curve25519 - HMAC-SHA256 and HMAC-SHA512 - PBKDF2 - RIPEMD-160 - SHA1 - SHA2-256/SHA2-512 - SHA3/Keccak - BLAKE2s/BLAKE2b - Chacha20-Poly1305 - unit tests (using Check -; in testcheck.c) - tests against OpenSSL (in testopenssl.c) - integrated Wycheproof tests

Distibuted under MIT License.

Some parts of the library come from external sources:

  • AES:
  • Base58:
  • BLAKE2s/BLAKE2b:
  • RIPEMD-160:
  • SHA1/SHA2:
  • SHA3:
  • Curve25519:
  • Ed25519:
  • Chacha20:
  • Poly1305:

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