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💬 Unofficial WeChat client built with React, MobX and Electron.

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Unofficial WeChat client built with React, MobX and Electron.

API from https://web.wechat.com/

Web API can not create room and invite members to room since 2018.



  • Work on desktop
  • On macOS, window vibrancy effect
  • Block message recall(Default settings is not block)
  • Desktop notifications
  • Keyboard shortcuts supported
  • Send image by paste preview
  • Drag to send file preview
  • Batch send message preview
  • Send GIF emoji preview


Download the last version on the website or below.


Download the

file. Or use Homebrew-Cask:
$ brew cask install wewechat


Download Centos/RHEL please download

packages. Debian/Ubuntu please download
pacages. Other linux distribution please download

Install deb package for Debian / Ubuntu:

$ sudo dpkg -i wewechat-1.1.7-amd64.deb

Install rpm package for Centos / RHEL:

$ sudo yum localinstall wewechat-1.1.7-x86_64.rpm

Install AppImage package for other linux distribution:

$ chmod u+x wewechat-1.1.7-x86_64.AppImage
$ ./wewechat-1.1.7-x86_64.AppImage


Download the



preview preview preview preview preview


$ npm install
$ npm run dev

Generate the binary: * For Linux

$ npm run package-linux
Maybe you will install some depends packages. * For Mac
$ npm run package-mac
After that, you will see the binary in

Keyboard shortcuts


New conversation Cmd N
Search conversations Cmd F
Hide conversation Shift Cmd M
Jump to conversation Cmd 0 ... 9
Next conversation Cmd J
Previous conversation Cmd K
Batch message Cmd B
Toggle Full Screen Shift Cmd F
Insert QQ emoji Cmd I
Preferences Cmd ,


  • [x] Windows support
  • [x] Linux support
  • [x] Sticky on top
  • [x] Delete chat session
  • [x] Mark as Read
  • [x] Chat Room
    • [x] Show correct contact
    • [x] Show members
    • [x] Add / Remove member
    • [x] Create chat room
  • [x] Receive message
    • [x] Text
    • [x] Image
    • [x] Voice
    • [x] Location
    • [x] Sticker
    • [x] Contact Card
    • [x] Video
    • [x] Money Transger
    • [x] Location sharing
    • [x] Download File
  • [x] Send message
    • [x] Text
    • [x] File
    • [x] Image
    • [x] Video
    • [x] Recall
  • [x] Forward text message
  • [x] Forward emoji
  • [x] Forward image
  • [x] Forward file
  • [x] Forward video
  • [x] Show QQ emoji
  • [x] Search chat set
  • [x] Search and create chat room
  • [x] Desktop notification
  • [x] Keep online
  • [x] Logout
  • [x] Autosart at login
  • [x] Send image from clipboard
  • [x] Drag to send file
  • [x] Batch send message
  • [ ] Mention a user


  • ~~
    上如何修改图标,请参考 #39(另外问下,有没屌大的或者胸大的帮忙设计一个图标啊)~~
  • 关于历史记录的问题请参考 #30


MIT License

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