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This is the source code for You should find more information about the project itself on the website.

The data specification is available on the wiki.

Personal information

This repo might contain information that was not intended to be public. In that case, please open a PR here or send us an email at team at tosdr dot org.

Clone this repository

There are git submodules in this repository. To automatically have them all, clone this repository with the

git clone --recursive
option. Alternatively, run
git submodule init
git submodule update
to pull in the submodules.


Most of the website's source files are located in the

directory (although unfortunately some of it is still intermingled with the build files).

To build:

  1. Run
    npm install
    in the root of this repository to make sure you have the required packages.
  2. Make the changes you wish to make to the source files in this repository.
  3. Run
    in the root of this repository.
  4. Check whether the output in the dist/ directory is looking as intended.
  5. cp -r dist/api . (needed for
  6. Commit and push to github.
  7. To publish the new version of the website, assuming you have 5apps set up as a remote, run
    git subtree push --prefix dist 5apps master
    . But be careful: this updates the live site! Ask @hugoroy or @michielbdejong if you don't have permission

Develop other applications


Also have a look at other apps, like the browser extensions:

Core developpers


People who have access to the hosting: * Chris * Ggrin * Hugo * Jan * Jimm * Michiel * Pierre * Vinnl


AGPL-3.0+ (GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 or later)

See for more details on the legal aspects of the project.

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