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Nest.js crud module for mongoose models without `nestjsx/crud`

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NestJs + Mongoose CRUD

Nest.js crud module for mongoose models without



  • NestJs 6.x ----> nestjs-mongoose-crud v1.x
  • NestJs 7.x ----> nestjs-mongoose-crud v2.x
  • fix #7

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  1. Install and setup nestjs-typegoose or nestjs-mongoose
  2. Install
    yarn add nestjs-mongoose-crud
    # or
    npm i nestjs-mongoose-crud
  3. Import model to module: ```ts import { Module } from '@nestjs/common'; import { UsersController } from './users.controller'; import { TypegooseModule } from 'nestjs-typegoose'; import { User } from './user.model';

    @Module({ imports: [ TypegooseModule.forFeature([User]) ], controllers: [UsersController] }) export class UsersModule {} ```

  4. Add

    decorator and inject imported model to
    property. ```ts import { Controller } from '@nestjs/common'; import { Crud } from 'nestjs-mongoose-crud' import { User } from './user.model'; import { InjectModel } from 'nestjs-typegoose'; import { ModelType } from '@typegoose/typegoose/lib/types';

    @Crud({ model: User }) @Controller('users') export class UsersController { constructor(@InjectModel(User) public model: ModelType) {} } ```

  5. Test your CRUD APIs: http://localhost:3000/users




|METHOD|PATH|DESC| |--|--|--| |GET|/users|Get all users| |GET|/users/:id|Get a user| |POST|/users|Create a user| |PUT|/users/:id|update a user| |DELETE|/users/:id|Delete a user|

You can find all routes and DTOs by setup swagger


Use a JSON (in string)

parameter to find records:



export interface PaginateKeys {
  data?: string
  total?: string
  lastPage?: string
  currentPage?: string

export interface CrudRoute { decorators?: MethodDecorator[] } export interface CrudRouteWithDto extends CrudRoute { dto?: any transform?: (data: any) => any } export interface CrudRouteForFind extends CrudRoute { paginate?: PaginateKeys | false limit?: number populate?: string | any sort?: string | any where?: any } export interface CrudRouteForFindOne extends CrudRoute { populate?: string | any where?: any select?: any }

export interface CrudRoutes { grid?: false, form?: false, find?: CrudRouteForFind | false, findOne?: CrudRouteForFindOne | false, create?: CrudRouteWithDto | false, update?: CrudRouteWithDto | false, delete?: CrudRoute | false,

} export interface CrudOptions { routes?: CrudRoutes } export interface OptionItem { text: string value: string } export interface Field { label?: string icon?: string type?: 'hide' | 'text' | 'input' | 'autocomplete' | 'textarea' | 'number' | 'checkbox' | 'checkbox-button' | 'radio' | 'date' | 'dates' | 'week' | 'month' | 'year' | 'daterange' | 'time' | 'datetime' | 'datetimerange' | 'switch' | 'yesno' | 'slider' | 'password' | 'color' | 'select' | 'cascader' | 'transfer' | 'rate' | 'tag' | 'image' | 'button' | 'json-editor' | 'upload-file' | 'image-uploader' | 'tree-select' | 'video-uploader' | 'quill-editor' | 'markdown-editor' | 'bmap' | 'codemirror' | 'gallery' listable?: boolean editable?: boolean attrs?: any layout?: number tip?: string options?: OptionItem[] class?: string | string[] style?: any width?: string | number [key: string]: any column?: Field[] }

export interface Fields { [key: string]: Field }

export interface AvueCrudOption { addBtn?: boolean addRowBtn?: boolean align?: string border?: boolean calcHeight?: number cancelBtnTitle?: string columnBtn?: boolean dataType?: string cellBtn?: boolean dateBtn?: boolean cancelBtn?: boolean dateDefault?: boolean dicData?: any dicMethod?: string dicQuery?: any dicUrl?: string delBtn?: boolean defaultSort?: any dialogFullscreen?: boolean dialogEscape?: boolean dialogClickModal?: boolean dialogCloseBtn?: boolean dialogModal?: boolean dialogTop?: string | number dialogType?: string dialogWidth?: string | number dialogHeight?: string | number defaultExpandAll?: boolean expandRowKeys?: string[] editBtn?: boolean emptyText?: string expand?: boolean expandWidth?: number expandFixed?: boolean excelBtn?: boolean filterBtn?: boolean formWidth?: string | number height?: number header?: boolean index?: boolean indexLabel?: string indexWidth?: number indexFixed?: boolean rowKey?: string indeterminate?: boolean labelWidth?: number maxHeight?: number menu?: boolean menuWidth?: number menuXsWidth?: number menuAlign?: string menuType?: string menuBtnTitle?: string pageSize?: string pageSizes?: number[] printBtn?: boolean refreshBtn?: boolean saveBtn?: boolean updateBtn?: boolean cancalBtn?: boolean saveBtnTitle?: string selection?: boolean selectionWidth?: number selectionFixed?: boolean searchBtn?: boolean selectable?: boolean reserveSelection?: true selectClearBtn?: boolean showHeader?: boolean showSummary?: boolean size?: string sumColumnList?: string[] stripe?: boolean tip?: string tipPlacement?: string title?: string checkStrictly?: boolean updateBtnTitle?: string viewBtn?: boolean width?: number column?: Field[] group?: Field[] }

export interface AvueCrudConfig { option?: AvueCrudOption [key: string]: any }

export interface CrudOptionsWithModel extends CrudOptions { name?: string | string[], model: any fields?: Fields config?: ((instance?: any) => AvueCrudConfig | Promise) | AvueCrudConfig }

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