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🤘Utility library for functional JavaScript. With ❤️ to Ramda.

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Ramda extension


Utility library for functional JavaScript.

Library adds utilities functions that are built on the top of marvelous Ramda library.

Play wit Ramda and Ramda-extension in REPL.

See our documentation site.

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import { cx } from 'ramda-extension';

cx({ box: true, 'box--outline': false }, 'width-100'); // ".box .width-100"

Why to choose ramda-extension over other libraries?

We focus on functional point-free code. Our goal is to keep codebase composed only from ramda functions, not from own code. Basically, we are using only

ES6 modules
from the JavaScript itself.

We have a few functions with side-effects (like

) to support better developer's experience in debugging process. It is only for development purpose and it should not be used in production code.


$ yarn add ramda ramda-extension


$ npm install ramda ramda-extension


We support CommonJS and ES modules syntax.

Import function as a named export (not recommended without treeshaking):

import { toKebabCase } from 'ramda-extension';
import { flatten } from 'ramda'; // standard ramda function (if needed)

toKebabCase('I wanna eat my kebab.') // "i-wanna-eat-my-kebab" flatten([1, 2, [3, 4], 5]) // [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

  • NOTE: standard ramda functions are still accessed via 'ramda'

Alternatively you can import it separately if your environment doesn't support treeshaking (Sse babel-plugin-transform-imports):

import toKebabCase from 'ramda-extension/lib/toKebabCase';

toKebabCase('I wanna eat my kebab.') // "i-wanna-eat-my-kebab"

If you prefer jQuery-style:

import * as R_ from 'ramda-extension'

R_.toKebabCase('I wanna eat my kebab.') // "i-wanna-eat-my-kebab"

NOTE: Ramda itself is not part of bundle, you need to add it manually


You can use Ramda-extension directly in the browser:

Articles & Resources


Most of the functions have its own tests and examples in the JS Doc.

Feel free to either contribute yourself or submit an issue if there is a bug or you have an idea for a new extension.

We are open to all ideas and suggestions, feel free to open an issue or a pull request!

See the contribution guide for guidelines.


All packages are distributed under the Apache 2.0 license. See the license here.

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