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A JS library written in TS to transform sequences of data from format to another

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fromfrom is a LINQ inspired library to transform sequences of data.


npm install --save fromfrom


Find it here.


The library exports only a single function,

wraps the given source data into a
has a wide range of chainable methods to operate and transform the sequence. The sequence can then be converted into a JS type.

For example

import { from } from "fromfrom";

// Transform an array of users const users = [ { id: 1, name: "John", age: 31, active: true }, { id: 2, name: "Jane", age: 32, active: false }, { id: 3, name: "Luke", age: 33, active: false }, { id: 4, name: "Mary", age: 34, active: true }, ];

from(users) .filter(user => .sortByDescending(user => user.age) .toArray(); // Returns // [ // { id: 4, name: "Mary", age: 34, active: true }, // { id: 1, name: "John", age: 31, active: true } // ]


  • Familiar method names - Even though it's LINQ inspired, uses familiar method names from JS.
  • Supports all main JS types - Works with arrays, objects, maps, sets, and objects that implement the iterable protocol.
  • No dependencies - Guarantees small size.
  • Type safe - Written in TypeScript. Type definitions included.
  • Deferred execution - The execution of the sequence is deferred until you begin consuming the sequence.
  • Fully tested - 100% test coverage.

How does it work

See "how does it work" section from the initial release blog post.


NPM scripts

  • npm t
    : Run test suite
  • npm start
    : Run
    npm run build
    in watch mode
  • npm run test:watch
    : Run test suite in interactive watch mode
  • npm run test:prod
    : Run linting and generate coverage
  • npm run build
    : Generate bundles and typings, create docs
  • npm run lint
    : Lints code
  • npm run commit
    : Commit using conventional commit style (husky will tell you to use it if you haven't :wink:)


Made with :heart: by @TomiTurtiainen.

This project is a grateful recipient of the Futurice Open Source sponsorship program. :heart:

Forked from TypeScript library starter

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