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A vertex painting addon for the Godot game engine.

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A vertex painting addon for the Godot game engine.


Download the addon from Copy the addons folder in your project directory.
In Project/Project Settings/Plugins set VPainter to Active.


v0.2: * Added support for pressure sensitive pen tablets. * Some small bug fixes.


In the 3d editor when a MeshInstance node with a valid mesh resource is selected an icon will appear in the top editor menu.
When clicked a new sidebar will appear with painting options.


brush tool : (Shortcut - "1") use to paint vertex colors. You can adjust the size with the sliders or by using "[" and "]"
picker tool: (Shortcut - "2") use to pick the vertex color under the mouse cursor when clicked.
blur tool : (shortcut - "3") in progress
fill tool : (shortcut - "4") use to fill the entire mesh with a color. Fill tool is affected by the opacity and blend mode.

color swatches: There are two color swatches. in the main panel. When clicked they reveal a color picker dialog. The last one clicked is the active one.

pressure sensitivity: There is a new option for pressure sensitive pen tablets. * SizePressure - the size of your brush depends on the pressure input. * OpacityPressure - the opacity of your brush depends on the pressure input.

blending modes: There are currently 5 blending modes supported:
* MIX: linearly interpolated between the colors.
* ADD: adds the colors.
* SUBTRACT: subtracts the colors.
* MULTIPLY: multiplies the colors.
* DIVIDE: divides the colors.

size: controls the size of the brush and blur tool.
opacity: controls the opacity of the brush and fill tool.
hardness: controls the hardness of the brush and blur tool.
spacing : controls the spacing between the brush "dabs". Lower spacing results in a more precise line.

make local copy : makes a local copy of the mesh. It is useful if you don't want to overwrite your original mesh data.


  • Currently Vpainter does not support godot's primitive meshes. It only works with imported meshes.
  • Currently only RGB painting is supported. Alpha channel painting is in the works.
  • Currently Vpainter does not support meshes with multiple instances of floating geometry.


In VPainter/addons/vpainter/additional_resources/ you will find two shaders:
* shadervertexcolor.shader:
A simple shader that displays the vertex color. It has the possibility to isolate R, G and B channels so you can preview them individually.
* heightblend4_textures.shader:
A shader used in the first presentation. It is used for mixing 4 textures based on a heightmap and vertex color.
The shader uses 3 textures per material:
* M: A mask texture.
R channel contains the height information
G channel contains the rougness information
B channel contains the metal information.
* C: RGB color/albedo information.
* N: Normalmap information.


  • The height blend shader was made after this amazing post:

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