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:bug: Command-line snippet manager

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A command-line snippet manager in Go



bash -c "$(curl"


  • Build with Go

    go get -v
  • Add to your rc:

    [ -f $GOPATH/src/  ] && source $GOPATH/src/
  • Optionally copy demo snippets dir or create yours:

    cp -r $GOPATH/src/ ~/

Snippets Examples


smtp:server: # snippet name do: exec # copy or exec desc: smtp server in python. Prints mails to stdout command: python -m smtpd -n -c DebuggingServer localhost:1025


Sman will ask input for placeholder <>

tcpdump:port: do: copy desc: listen traffic on port command: tcpdump -nqt -s 0 -A -i eth0 port <>


To execute multiline commands, separate lines by semi-colon

curl:upload: do: exec command: > gpg -c <>; curl --upload-file <>.gpg<>.gpg

  • You can export command to a separate file located at:


  • Include placeholder anywhere within snippet command
  • Name is the only mandatory field
  • You can have multiple placeholders with the same name. After input all of them will be replaced
  • Use
    to escape comma in options

Usage Examples

Run snippet

s run [-f ]  [-t ]  [placeholder values...] [-cxyp]
~|⇒ s run -f shell curl:upload test.tar.gz -x
gpg -c test.tar.gz; curl --upload-file test.tar.gz.gpg
Execute Snippet? [Y/n]:
~|⇒ s run curl:ip
Execute Snippet? [Y/n]:

Show snippet

s show [-f ] [-t ] 

List and search snippets

s ls [-f ] [-t ] []
  • Pattern is matched against snippet name, command and description

List and search snippets for scripts

  • Use the
    flag to produce machine-readable output for scripting.
$ s ls service:disable --porcelain
shell   service:disable ubuntu  disable service on ubuntu

$ s ls add --porcelain | cut -f 2 | xargs echo vhost:add user:add alias:add sshconfig:add user:group

  • The output is
    -separated. The colums are:
    1. Snippet file
    2. Snippet name
    3. Tags (
    4. Description

Fuzzy search file and snippet name:

# `r` is alias for `run`
# matches file `mysql` and snippet `database:dump`

~|⇒ s r -f sql dmp

mysqldump -uuser --lock-tables=[lock] -p[pass] -h [host] [database] > [database].sql


# Append history can be useful to avoid re-entering all placeholders when you need to change single parameter.
# Snippet directory
export SMAN_SNIPPET_DIR="~/snippets"
# Ask confirmation before executing
# Set shell color of groups in ls, see
export SMAN_LS_COLOR_FILES=1,4,35


Install vim plugin for better snippets colors:

  • Pathogen
    • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-sman
  • vim-plug
    • Plug 'tokozedg/vim-sman'
  • NeoBundle
    • NeoBundle 'tokozedg/vim-sman'
  • Vundle
    • Plugin 'tokozedg/vim-sman'


If you'd like to contribute, please fork the repository and make changes as you'd like. Pull requests are warmly welcome, especially if you make a good snippet file.

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