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Toggl Desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux

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Toggl Track

Native desktop applications for the leading time tracking tool Toggl.

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Toggl Desktop is a Toggl time tracking client with many helper functions that make tracking time more effortless and smooth. Features such as Idle detection, reminders to track and Pomodoro Timer make this app a great companion when productivity and efficiency is the goal.

Toggl Desktop apps


Toggl built and signed apps for all platforms


64bit dmg    |     Mac App Store

Officially macOS 10.11 and newer stable macOS versions are supported.


64bit installer    |    32bit installer   |    Chocolatey    |    Microsoft Store

App has been tested on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Toggl Desktop Windows app has not been tested on Surface type touchscreen environments.


Tarball    |    Flathub    

Only 64bit is supported


Please check OS specific requirements below.

By default the app builds for testing server. To use the compiled app with live server see this guide



  • macOS 11+, Xcode 12.2+ and Swift 5+
  • Install Bundler
    $ sudo gem install bundler


# Prepare cocoapod
$ make init_cocoapods


bundle exec pod repo update
in case there is an error about out-of-date source repos (some pod version is missing).
  • Open workspace at
  • Select TogglDesktop scheme and build.



You'll need these Qt (at version 5.12 or higher) modules: QtWidgets (with private headers), QtNetwork, QtNetworkAuth, QtDBus, QtX11Extras

If Qt is not installed from your distribution's package manager, you will need to set the

environment variable to point to the
folder in the Qt version you wish to use.

These dependencies are mandatory: * libXScrnSaver (

in deb-based distros and
in rpm-based)

You can install them all in debian with a command: ```bash $ sudo apt install libxss-dev build-essential libgl-dev libreadline-dev

These dependencies are optional and will be bundled if the `USE_BUNDLED_LIBRARIES` CMake argument is set or your system does NOT have their development packages installed:
 * Lua
 * jsoncpp
 * Qxt

These libraries will be bundled regardless of your system:

  • bugsnag-qt
  • qt-oauth-lib

Build the app

in the toggldesktop source tree root

```bash mkdir -p build && pushd build # Create build directory cmake .. # Setup cmake configs make -j8 # Build the app. The number defines the count of parallel jobs (number of your CPU cores is a good value for that) ./src/ui/linux/TogglDesktop/TogglDesktop # Run the built app


Install Visual Studio 2019 with

.NET desktop development
Desktop development with C++
Universal Windows Platform development
components checked during installation. You can download free Visual Studio Community here.

Then open the solution file

and run it in

The solution is using OpenSSL binaries. To rebuild OpenSSL from sources refer to this page.

Change log

Change log can be viewed at


Before sending us a pull request, please format the source code:

$ make fmt

Also, please check for any cpplint issues:

$ make lint

Check if unit tests continue to pass:

$ make test

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