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Analysis of The Simpsons

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RIP Simpsons World

The Simpsons have moved from Simpsons World to Disney+, so the code in this repo no longer works


The Simpsons by the Data

Code in support of this post: The Simpsons by the Data

It's a Rails app, but isn't intended to be run as a server. It processes data from Simpsons World, Wikipedia, and IMDb, and populates a PostgreSQL database called

. The database contains 4 primary tables:
, and


Assumes you have Ruby and PostgreSQL installed

git clone [email protected]:toddwschneider/flim-springfield.git
cd flim-springfield/
createdb simpsons_development
bundle exec rake db:migrate
bundle exec rake import_data
bundle exec rake jobs:work

It takes about 45 minutes to process everything with one worker


R code to analyze the data lives in the


Caveats/areas for improvement

  • I deduped some character names when they're printed in different ways, e.g. "TROY" is the same as "Troy McClure", but I certainly did not dedupe all 6000+ characters that appear in the scripts
  • Similarly I manually assigned genders to the top 320 or so characters, who collectively account for 86% of the show's dialogue
  • I did not dedupe any locations
  • Simpsons World is not available in all countries, so the code might not run depending on where you're located


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