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Regularly export your transactions

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Regularly export your transactions.

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As a :floppydisk: standalone utility :floppydisk:

  1. Clone this repository:
  git clone git://
  cd mint-exporter
  1. Rename
    and fill in your Mint credentials
  cp .env.example .env
  1. Install dependencies with Bundler:
  1. Run the exporter script:
  bundle exec ruby mint-exporter.rb > transactions.csv

As a :gem: gem :gem:

  1. Add to your
  gem 'mint', git: 'git://'
  1. Add an initializer:
  # config/initializers/mint.rb

Mint.configure do |config| config.username = ENV.fetch('MINT_USERNAME') config.password = ENV.fetch('MINT_PASSWORD') end

  1. To output transactions:
  client =
  puts client.transactions.fetch

:warning: Warning :warning:

Unfortunately, because does not yet have an open API, mint-exporter relies on private APIs to get the data. Because of this, this library has (example) and will continue to occasionally break! Not recommended for production use.

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