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Example C and Java host code to talking to an arduino or other "serial" device

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arduino-serial -- C code to talk to Arduino

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laptop%  ./arduino-serial
Usage: arduino-serial -b  -p  [OPTIONS]

  -h, --help                 Print this help message
  -b, --baud=baudrate        Baudrate (bps) of Arduino (default 9600)
  -p, --port=serialport      Serial port Arduino is connected to
  -s, --send=string          Send string to Arduino
  -S, --sendline=string      Send string with newline to Arduino
  -r, --receive              Receive string from Arduino & print it out
  -n  --num=num              Send a number as a single byte
  -F  --flush                Flush serial port buffers for fresh reading
  -d  --delay=millis         Delay for specified milliseconds
  -e  --eolchar=char         Specify EOL char for reads (default '\n')
  -t  --timeout=millis       Timeout for reads in millisecs (default 5000)
  -q  --quiet                Don't print out as much info

Note: Order is important. Set '-b' baudrate before opening port'-p'.
      Used to make series of actions: '-d 2000 -s hello -d 100 -r'
      means 'wait 2secs, send 'hello', wait 100msec, get reply'


For convenience, here's some pre-built versions of arduino-serial. They may not be updated regularly, so compile it yourself if you can. Click the "view raw" to get the actual zip file.



arduino-serial should compile on any POSIX-compatible system. Tested on Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, Raspian Linux, Beaglebone Linux

To build, just check it out, make, and run it like:

% git clone
% cd arduino-serial
% make
% ./arduino-serial

For more details on the build process, see the Makefile.

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