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The itty-bitty Python web framework.

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The itty-bitty Python web framework.
is a little experiment, an attempt at a Sinatra_ influenced micro-framework that does just enough to be useful and nothing more.

Currently supports:

  • Routing
  • Basic responses
  • Content-types
  • HTTP Status codes
  • URL Parameters
  • Basic GET/POST/PUT/DELETE support
  • User-definable error handlers
  • Redirect support
  • File uploads
  • Header support
  • Static media serving

Beware! If you're looking for a proven, enterprise-ready framework, you're in the wrong place. But it sure is a lot of fun.

.. _Sinatra:



from itty import get, run_itty

@get('/') def index(request): return 'Hello World!'



for more usages.

Other Sources

A couple of bits have been borrowed from other sources:

  • Django

  • Armin Ronacher's blog (

    • How to get started with WSGI


Thanks go out to Matt Croydon & Christian Metts for putting me up to this late at night. The joking around has become reality. :)

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