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Welcome to tmux!

tmux is a terminal multiplexer: it enables a number of terminals to be created, accessed, and controlled from a single screen. tmux may be detached from a screen and continue running in the background, then later reattached.

This release runs on OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux, OS X and Solaris.


tmux depends on libevent 2.x, available from this page.

It also depends on ncurses, available from this page.


From release tarball

To build and install tmux from a release tarball, use:

./configure && make sudo make install

tmux can use the utempter library to update utmp(5), if it is installed - run configure with


to enable this.

From version control

To get and build the latest from version control - note that this requires







git clone cd tmux sh ./configure && make


Bug reports, feature suggestions and especially code contributions are most welcome. Please send by email to:

[email protected]

Or open a GitHub issue or pull request. Please read this document before opening an issue.

There is a list of suggestions for contributions. Please feel free to ask on the mailing list if you're thinking of working on something or need further information.


For documentation on using tmux, see the tmux.1 manpage. View it from the source tree with:

nroff -mdoc tmux.1|less

A small example configuration is in



And a bash(1) completion file at:

For debugging, run tmux with




to generate server and client log files in the current directory.


The tmux mailing list for general discussion and bug reports is:!forum/tmux-users

Subscribe by sending an email to:

[email protected]

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