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standard pane key-bindings for tmux

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Tmux Pain Control

Tmux plugin for controlling panes. Adds standard pane navigation bindings.

So far, you had to google around and comb other people's dotfiles to find these. This plugin hopefully makes them more available and "more standard".

Thanks to the Tmux community for "inventing" these bindings. I've merely just copied them here.

Tested and working on Linux, OSX and Cygwin.


Notice most of the bindings emulate vim cursor movements.

pane navigation


  • prefix + h
    prefix + C-h

    select pane on the left
  • prefix + j
    prefix + C-j

    select pane below the current one
  • prefix + k
    prefix + C-k

    select pane above
  • prefix + l
    prefix + C-l

    select pane on the right

Note: This overrides tmux's default binding for toggling between last active windows,

prefix + l
. tmux-sensible gives you a better binding for that,
prefix + a
(if your prefix is

pane resizing

Resizing panes

  • prefix + shift + h

    resize current pane 5 cells to the left
  • prefix + shift + j

    resize 5 cells in the down direction
  • prefix + shift + k

    resize 5 cells in the up direction
  • prefix + shift + l

    resize 5 cells to the right

These mappings are


The amount of cells to resize can be configured with

option. See configuration section for the details.

pane splitting

Splitting panes

  • prefix + |

    split current pane horizontally
  • prefix + -

    split current pane vertically
  • prefix + \

    split current pane full width horizontally
  • prefix + _

    split current pane full width vertically

Newly created pane always has the same path as the original pane.

Swapping windows

  • prefix + <
    - moves current window one position to the left
  • prefix + >
    - moves current window one position to the right

Installation with Tmux Plugin Manager (recommended)

Add plugin to the list of TPM plugins in

set -g @plugin 'tmux-plugins/tmux-pain-control'


prefix + I
to fetch the plugin and source it.

You should now have all

bindings defined.

Manual Installation

Clone the repo:

$ git clone ~/clone/path

Add this line to the bottom of

run-shell ~/clone/path/pain_control.tmux

Reload TMUX environment:

# type this in terminal
$ tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf

You should now have all

bindings defined.


You can set

Tmux option to choose number of resize cells for the resize bindings. "5" is the default.


set-option -g @pane_resize "10"

Other plugins

You might also find these useful:

  • sessionist - lightweight tmux utils for switching and creating sessions
  • logging - easy logging and screen capturing



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